About Us

A dream and a wish, as a seven-year-old…

…became a reality two years ago. 


My childhood dream began coming true three years ago, as I was designing my exam collection. I had a pretty clear idea of what it was that I wanted to stand for and what kind of style I wanted my clothes to have, but it all took an 180 degree turn with my exam collection.


Having gone to art school for ten years I have been introduced to many forms of self-expression: painting, working with felt, sculpting and crocheting. Crocheting was what truly grabbed me. As I was preparing my exam collection for my graduation from fashion school I aimed to incorporate some of these techniques, including crocheting, into the collection. It’s important to me to uphold traditions in fashion, and to show the next generation how stylish “grandma sweaters” can be.


I love colours, shapes and letting my imagination go wild.


I was able to then create a truly unique brand with a mindset of “not everyday wear”, which just means that I want to inspire people to wear more wild, colourful, and patterned clothing.


Let go of your fears, when it comes to your style and step into the world of Bibi by Bianka!


With love,